The fruits of light are kindness, justice and truth in every form. Ephesians 5:9

Paul said : ” You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord ” (Ephesians 5:8). Having known Christ, the Son of God, who gave himself out of love for us, as the way, the light and life, behave as children of light to reject everything which shames us and is done only in darkness.

Let the light of Christ shine through our behavior to know ourselves as children of light to bear its fruits. The fruits of light are kindness, justice and truth in every form, a life which pleases the Lord. Take no part in futile works of darkness; expose them instead. And as soon as it is exposed to the light, everything becomes clear and becomes light that the light of Christ may shine on us.

Train ourselves to be more sensible and responsible in our lives and do not live as the unwise do but as responsible persons to understand the will of the Lord. Always gather together to pray and give thanks in our hearts. As we pray with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, we would be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thus we shall also experience the consolation of the Spirit and find the same faith and the same experiences in others.

Men need enthusiasm, happiness and strength to be children of light. It is the Holy Spirit who gives all these to lead us to subject to one another out of respect for Christ. To reflect his light.

Like a night with starlight, so is a light with love.