So, if the Son makes you free, you will be really free. John 8:36

Jesus spoke to the Jews who believed in him. He went on to say to them : ” You will be my true disciples of you keep my word. Then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free ” (John 8:31-32). They answered him that they were the descendants of Abraham and had never been slaves of anyone. For those Jews, the world was divided into two groups : The sons of Abraham, that was themselves, and the rest. They boasted of their ancestry.

Jesus came to them as witness to the truth : And his presence alone obliged all the examine themselves. The truth Jesus spoke of is not a doctrine which his followers should impose by force. The truth consists in living in accordance with our vocation as children of God. The believer who knows he is loved by God and consequently endeavors to be authentic, is already in the truth.

By doing evil, one becomes an accomplice of the Devil, and even without wanting to do so, falls into a trap. He will then be unable to resist the illusions and harmful influences by which the Father of Lies brings the world under his power.

As long as we continue to be unconcerned about our true condition and are either agitated or idle, we are no more than slaves. Jesus also speaks of freedom. Truth and freedom. Truth and freedom go together. Spare ourselves in effort to break the chain and once liberated we would quickly fall into other forms of subjugation, because the root of all slavery lies within everyone.

Only God can set the soul in bondage free.