” Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. ” John 6:68

Jesus spoke of giving us his flesh and after many of Jesus followers left, but in the name of those who remained Peter pledged his fidelity. The teaching and language were very hard for his listeners to believe that Jesus came down to us so that later he would ascend to where he was before : They could not understand the mystery of the Son of God and his humiliations.

Jesus asked the twelve, ” Will you also go away? ” (John 6:67). Jesus moved people to question his identity. Who is Jesus? It is very important for us to know who is Jesus is and from whence he comes. He offers us the unheard of gift of sharing in God’s very life. Jesus came from God to communicate to us the very life of God and to bring us to the bosom of God.

By Christ’s resurrection, our world has started its renewal. For when the Son of Man entered the Glory of his Father, he carried on his shoulders the whole of creation which he wanted to renew and consecrate. We should believe that the renewed world has been made perfect. The Spirit is at work within gigantic disturbances which continually agitate and shake the whole of humanity. Invincibly, Christ is consecrating this world. As answered Peter that we have come to believe and now we know that he is the Holy one of God, eternal life.

Jesus is the first and the last, the beginning and the end.