Yet not what I want, but what you want. Mark 14:36

Jesus is alone as he confronts death to overcome it, carrying on his shoulders the destiny of all humanity. He sees the wickedness of people who will ill-treat him or let him be ill-treated. And he sees behind it all the power of darkness.

At this moment Jesus is the man of sorrow, aware of all afflictions, made one with sin. He is burdened by all the wickedness on earth. For this his death will be the price, the atonement. Face to face in prayer with his beloved and just Father, Jesus experiences anguish as great as death.

Jesus keeps on repeating on phrase which expresses the perfect prayer : Father, your will be done. Jesus in his agony cannot do anything other than pray for the will of God to be done. At this crucial moment, God the Father becomes a God of silence for his will be done. He who will give countless martyrs the inner strength to face their tortures fearlessly, allows himself to experience the very extreme of human weakness. Jesus our savior who had no faults or need to be purified had to know humiliations, sufferings and even the silence of God to reach the maturity he still lacked in order to become ” Man, ” The head of humanity.

This is for us, even filled with fear or a sense of weakness shall not doubt : he will make us firm. In his silence, he is present and empower us in a special way to pass as the Son, Christ did.

God’s plans for our future are far greater than our fears.