Let us love not only with words and with lips but in truth and in deed. 1 John 3:18

To walk in light is Christian life. The first letter of John reminds us that the Christian way is the way of divinization. We are God’s children and what we shall be has not yet been shown. The singular love the Father has for us is not are we called children of God, but we really are.

John likeness – you are sons, but in order to become like God. Do not seek anything else than to be perfect as God is perfect. You are sons to return to the Father for the unique and transcendent chosen. Let us be aware and understand that God is purifying us in a thousand ways because only in this way can we attain our goal.

Keeping the love commandment is what distinguishes God’s children. John tells us what is the boundary dividing men : Those who love and those who do not love. The practice of love never weakens us can happen with other forms of sacrifices without love. Rather, it transforms us into likeness to God and we are no longer fearful or distrustful of him.

John underlined the role of the Holy Spirit to guide us in the truth. The truth is God-love, the one who asks us to believe in his Son and faith is a victory. Our greatest victory is to conquer our inheritance as children of God and to reach the eternal life of God himself. Those who believe in Jesus are achieving this feat : They have already come to the truth, God, in accepting Jesus.

A good deed brightens a dark world.