You must be born again from above. John 3:7

Among the Pharisees there was a ruler of the Jews named Nicodemus who came to see Jesus at night. This man was a religious person, concerning about knowing God and his ways, and he went to Jesus as to a teacher of religion. However, what he needed was not so much to receive instruction as to bring about a change within himself. Like Nicodemus, despite all his accumulated experience and knowledge recognized his powerlessness to pass through the barriers which blocked him from an authentic life.

Jesus says we have to be born again and born from above. Nobody gives birth to himself, and just as we received our life in the flesh from our parents. So too, we receive the life of the Son of God from the Spirit.

All live a routined life : wake in the morning, sleep at night, thoughts come to us and know decisions making. Yet, this might be nothing more than the life of the flesh, or life of an unawakened  person. The other life, that of the Spirit takes place in the innermost depths of our being. We see the external appearance; we notice a person’s fave and behavior but we do not see God working in him. However, the awakened believer who is habitually led by the Spirit gradually discovers changes in what motivates his actions and his ambitions.

He feels at ease with God and without fear. He experiences that it is not so much he himself who orients his life, as another who lives in him. Henceforth he begins to love God more each day of his life and becomes a loving person.

The old has gone, the new is here.