How good and delightful to see brothers living together in unity. Psalm 133:1

The sweetness and intimacy of fraternal life are a gift of God and they come from above through the Holy Spirit poured into our hearts. It is like precious oil poured upon Aaron head, running down his beard onto the collar of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon coming down the mountains confers his blessing : Life everlasting.

Brotherly love is to value peace above one’s interests. God called Abram to leave his country, his family and his father’s house for the land that he would show him. So Abram went as Yahweh had told him and Lot, his nephew went with him. Lot also had flocks, cattle and tents.

After sometimes, the land was not sufficient to allow them to stay together for their possessions were too great. A quarrel arose between the herdmen of Abram’s flock and those of Lot. Since they were brothers, they agreed to part company. Instead being the one to choose, Abram let Lot have the first option. He acted out of love without realizing it. All the land that he could see, God gave to him. It was a ‘ Land flowing with milk and honey ” (Numbers 13:27), that is to say, a land which was blessed with fertility.

When Sodom and Gomorrah were attacked by the enemy, they also took Lot who lived in Sodom and his possessions. As soon as Abram heard that his brother had been taken away captive, he assembled and led forth his trained men and set off in pursuit as far as Dan and brought back his Kinsman Lot and his possessions, together with the women and the people.

Where there is unity, there is always victory.