In those days, I will pour out my Spirit even on my servants, both men and women. Acts 2:18

Indeed what the prophet Joel spoke had happened when the day of Pentecost came. Out of the sky came a sound like a strong rushing wind and it filled the whole house where they all gathered.

Pentecost is the ” Fiftieth day ” after the Passover. One of the most important Jewish feasts. The rushing wind was a sign, because spirit means both breath and wind in the Hebrew culture. The achievement of Pentecost was as unique as was the Resurrection. Nevertheless it remains as the pattern of other interventions of God in history.

The Spirit comes to give life to the church. It also comes to confirm or affirm the believers. The Spirit constantly brings about our apostolic renewals, religious awakenings, dynamic communities that become the new blood of the church which is constantly growing old and is constantly being renewed.

All those in the house were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak. An opportunity provided by Pentecost we have for the first time the gift of tongues. We know that the gift of tongues is one of the manifestation of the Spirit. With it one is compelled to praise God with words he himself does not understand. And he experiences a deep joy on seeing that God takes control of him and enters his inner-self to make him his instrument. The Spirit reveals in each one his presence with a gift which is also a service.

Pentecost is God in us.