For he makes his sun rise on both bad and good, and he gives rain to both the just and unjust. Matthew 5:45

In reality, we meet the Father in his Son, Jesus. Jesus’ way teaches us that the justice of God the Father – does not resemble ours. The Father is perfect : His sun shines on the bad and the good, and his rain falls on the just and on sinners. Jesus spoke only once of being perfect as the Father is. This was in reference to not differentiating between friends and enemies, the bad and the good, the just and sinners.

To do this we must not only cultivate a heart of love but also an altitude to understand others. God loves everyone and we are to imitate him. It is true that God always provides for everybody. We come to know God when we see the sun and feel its warmth. The looking at the clouds, and dripping rain speaks of love of God for both just and the unjust, fellowman and enemy. At times, favor comes to us and we enjoy the same benefit from heaven as destined.

As the sun is his and the rain is from him, they also bring us signs and warnings as his love for us. When we realize that there is a place for everyone in the present world and that God directs everything for the benefit of all, we attain the criteria of God as he is to be sons and daughters. To have the thought of a universal brotherhood and sisterhood in the nation by loving the bad and the good, the just and the unjust as the sun and the rain who never decline them likewise.

God loves us completely.