Indeed, I always do what pleases him. John 8:29

Jesus always does what pleases the Father who sent him, for he is with him and has not left Jesus to be alone. Jesus is the light for all people of all times. Whoever follows Jesus will not walk in darkness. He is the light by which we live with wholeness and integrity and through whom we learn to attribute to material things and human activities their proper values.

By the light of Christ a person triumphs over all inner darkness. We are conscious of only a small part of our inner self; while at each moment we obey impulses not under our control which come from our nature.

We often obey the call ” Of flesh and blood, ” as the Bible puts it. But if we live in the light, the light will gradually illumine our inner most. We need to be continuously enlightened through prayer, listening to the word of God, studying the teaching of the church, and accepting the good advice of our brothers and sisters. By these means Jesus enlightens our conscience.

Jesus says he is the light of the world. Light means many good things; the welcome light of dawn after a night of darkness; the light which shines for everybody and the light that triumphs over the dark forces of evil and ignorance.

The life of Jesus and his acts pleased the Father. His death on the cross pleased the Father most; the one who sent me is truthful an everything I learned from him, I proclaim to the world. (John 8:26)

Let pleasing God become bigger than pleasing people.